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Courage, sacrifice, perseverance, and toughness are often associated with soldiers. But it is compassion, self-sacrifice and forgiveness that brought ultimate salvation to one war fighter turned contractor- After a lifetime of mayhem he won peace in helping others.

In this first person documentary film, follow the candid story of a career Scottish soldier in his own words as he goes from national service for the UK to private contracting for the US government in the middle east and the injury that changes his life in many surprising ways. Never before seen, footage from Iraq meld with contemporary film and archive photos from his personal collection to bring the audience a rare sketch of the true costs and sacrifices of engaging with a determined enemy both as a soldier and as a private operator. These costs are a lot deeper than physical injuries, as it is the mental strain they take on the individual; their family and ultimately the nation which are longest lasting. And it is the victory over those challenges that is hardest but also the only one that is achievable since those lost cannot be brought back. But those who remain can trump in the end- but it is a hard struggle.

And it is a struggle that the simple involvement of horses in the Scottish countryside has a great bearing upon. The future is unwritten but maybe this unusual combination is critical in the resolution of many conflicts and the banishments of certain demons.

© Mihail NO-MAD Kunchev 2014-2019
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