Husband Tag | Bulgarian & Pakistani | Jia and Dee
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Husband Tag | Bulgarian & Pakistani | Jia and Dee

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We did the husband tag for you guys to get to know us better!
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1. How and where did we meet?
2. What was your first impression?
3. How and where was our first date?
4. When did you meet my family?
5. How did you know I was the One?
6. How long have we been together? Relationship & marriage.
7. How do you resolve problems?
8. What do you do for a living and are you using your degree?
9. What makes a successful relationship & marriage?
10. Places you want to travel?
11. Children? How many do you want?
12. What is my favorite color?
13. What is my favorite food?
14. What is my favorite TV show?
15. If I could eat one thing every day what would it be?
16. What is my eye color?
17. Who is my best friend?
18. What is something I do that you wish I wouldn’t?
19. What is my heritage and where am I from?
20. Did I play any sports?
21. If you baked me a cake what kind would I like?
22. Weird habits of each other?
23. What do we argue about the most?
24. What is my favourite restaurant?
25. What can I spend hours doing?
26. Who was the one to say I love you first? And where was it?
27. What is your most repeated phrase or sentence?


We are Jia and Dee, a Pakistani and Bulgarian Couple that have been married for over a year. #TeamJia #TeamDee

Every week we will be posting videos on marriage, challenges, games, advice videos and so much more!

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