Vladimir Petkov & Rumen Barov - Debugging Happiness
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Vladimir Petkov & Rumen Barov - Debugging Happiness

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We spent most of our time in finding bugs and writing code, but how much time we spend asking “What is happiness?”, "What should I do to be happier?", “Does happiness really matter?”.
Let's look at happiness from different perspectives - philosophical, bio-chemical, psychological, etc. , find commonalities and learn tricks applicable to our day-to-day life.

Rumen Barov is a staff engineer at VMware Bulgaria. With majors in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, his experience is in Software Security and building Big Data / Analytics systems. Rumen is passionate about extreme sports, psychology, technologies, and new knowledge.
Vladimir Petkov is a software engineer at VMware Bulgaria working on a big data and analytics solutions. He has been teaching programming with Java in Hack Bulgaria in the past 2 years. He also participated in HackConf 2017 where he shared how can artificial intelligence can get us into trouble.

More about HackConf conference: https://www.hackconf.bg

Етикети: happiness, hackconf, programmers

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